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Win Polyphonica Crimson S Anime DVD From The Fandom Post!

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While we did a lot of manga giveaways at our Anime Boston panel earlier this month, we’ve got a few anime DVDs still to give away to the readership here. To help spur along the contests in addition to the already ongoing Queen’s Blade Blu-ray Contest, we want to toss out a little Sentai Filmworks love for the fans with a copy of the complete twelve episode series Polyphonica Crimson S, which was released at the beginning of April. This series deals with music, magic and action with cute girls and a special academy setting so it hits a lot of things that a lot of anime fans are interested in these days.

How To Enter:

Head over to the contest section of the forums here and enter today! It’s just that easy!

What it is:

To bring law and order you need police, to make music you need musicians, and to make the former using the latter, you need a Dantist! Ever since he was visited by a mysterious spirit as a boy, Phoron’s wanted to become one of the elite battle bards who watch over the continent of Polyphonica. Yet even though he’s mastered the basic skills for singing the Commandia spells and operating a One-Man Orchestra, he’s been unable to summon the required spirit companion because of a promise he made to that first spirit: to sing only for her.

But that silence is shattered and Phoron’s musical meanderings are over when his supernatural partner suddenly returns, intent on finalizing the “contract” they made twelve years ago! Which would be great except for one thing: she’s not just any spirit, but the dreaded Corticarte, the Crimson Annihilator! But what the heck, sometimes you just you just have to grit your teeth and duet!

Contains episodes 1-12.

Raffle Rules: The fine print: All entries become the property of and may be used in any promotional way. Contestants’ email and shipping addresses will not be given out to anyone. reserves the right to change the rules at any time. Contest open to readers that are residents of the continental United States. Contest ends on April 30th 12:01 AM and the winner will be randomly drawn that day

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