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Popular This Week At The Fandom Post From April 7th To April 13th

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The week after Anime Boston was surely just pure chaos on many levels and while we intended to do this over this past weekend, well, we had beautiful weather and after working through a lot of things we opted to spend it outside for awhile! But with the post-convention period, it’s interesting to see what caught peoples attention. The information from Anime Boston was disseminated in the forums and through the Twitter audience more quickly so only a few things made a big impact here in terms of news. What captured more attention was some series news and the fallout during the week from S’More Entertainment and their Bobobbo-bo-bo adventures that didn’t do them much good in terms of PR. The finale for Bleach continues to draw views and we’re still get retweets about it as well which is amusing. Sentai’s Anime Boston news ranked high as did the obvious with Panty & Stocking garnering attention but we were also very happy to see Madoka Magica drawing people in to see what’s going on.  And also very glad to her the continued response to our Spring 2012 Anime Simulcast Acquisition list that has helped folks know what shows have been picked up and where to find them easily.

  1. Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Dubbed Anime Episodes Get Premiere Date
  2. Steins; Gate Character Set For Robots;notes
  3. Sentai Filmworks Adds No. 6 Anime Licenses & More
  4. Sentai Filmworks Announces July Anime Release Slate
  5. Madoka Magica DVD/BD Collection 2 Review
  6. FUNimation’s Cat Planet Cuties NSFW Trailer Removed From Youtube
  7. Bleach Episode #366 Review
  8. S’More Entertainment Address Bobobo-bo-bo Problem
  9. New Bobobo-bo-bo DVD Released Without Subtitles
  10. Spring 2012 Anime Simulcast Acquisition List
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