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Young Justice – Usual Suspects Review

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The secrets continue to eat away at the team, something that the mole has completely taken advantage of.

What They Say:
Usual suspects

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After the recent fun involving the membership drive of the Justice League, this one opens up with the five new members being introduced, getting their cards and being shown off to the world. This gives us the look we need at them, and to see that Captain Marvel got to stay on, but it’s just the prologue to the more interesting story that starts to unfold. With the Young Justice team kept inside to watch, they end up getting notified of a mission they can take on while everyone else is dealing with the public. With Icon being inducted, Rocket got to tag along for the ceremony and hung out with the team, which lets her jump in on things with them as they go after the plane that crashed that had Cheshire in it and connections to the Injustice League.

The whole thing was a sham organized by the Riddler though in an effort to eliminate the Young Justice Team. This really comes as no surprise considering the number of times the team has interfered with things, but the team has really come together over the last few months and works very well together, even with Superboy being alld rugged up and over the top with his abilities, going so far as to surprise everyone that he’s flying. But it’s also driving him into a rage, which is really fun to watch in its own way since he just goes hard against everyone. Surprises are pretty much the order of the day here though as even Cheshire ends up saving Artemis at one point, reinforcing that even though they’re enemies, they are sisters and she doesn’t want to see her dead.

Where the rest of the episode goes though is far more interesting and engaging. With several members of the team hiding secrets, a whole lot of it comes out at a time that Lex is about to take final advantage of Superboy and draw him into his group completely, making him dependent on him. But we also learn that others have secrets as well and are being manipulated, from Artemis and her family to Megan’s true nature that she’s being blackmailed about. The execution may be a bit awkward in terms of breaking the action and reveals, but it the overall effect is solid as we see that the team has laid most of its cards on the table (in front of Rocket no less, which is the real weak link here in events) and put together a plan to make sure they’re all going to break free from the things that are binding them. It’s a strong execution overall as it moves to Santa Prisca, brings in Bane and works a varied and engaging fight sequence.

In Summary:
While it seemed like the episode was going to be kind of average and fun at first, it instead shifts gears completely in the middle and proves to be one of the best in awhile, which for me is saying a lot as even the average episodes are pretty enjoyable. By having sevearl of the team reveal how they’ve been taken advantage of and work together to figure out how to move on, it closes up some subplots in a good way and moves a bunch of them to a new position in their own story arcs. With Zatanna involved more now and Rocket spending some time here too, it expands things well and adds some fun things to it. But there are other story elements that come into play as well as the mole is revealed and everything goes huge at the very end in a way that made me laugh out loud with glee. This show is just far, far too fun.

Grade: A-

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