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Marvel Studios Kevin Feige Talks Future Plans

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Sometimes there’s just a need to be concise, but the option is there for more detail. The folks at Collider have an in-depth new interview with Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige, which you can find here, that covers a lot of ground as he does the Avengers press gauntlet. The article author knows that people just want the short bits to skim over, and has included that, which we’ve presented below as well. Marvel has a lot on its plate but Feige continues to seem like he’s the type that’s balancing things well, trying to keep true to what the fans want, which now includes the movies-only fans and not just comics fans, as well as dealing with the financial side and truly building something unique with the shared universe with so many influences. Of course, since that’s how the comics world works, it definitely makes sense but is much harder in the film world. He lays out a lot of vague things here but there’s also a lot that quells some fears and shows that there is something of a path.

I do think they’ll find that after The Avengers that there will be a greater demand for a new Mark Ruffalo movie, but with a new TV series in development for ABC, that could make it cagey.

  • He’s seen an unfinished version of The Amazing Spider-Man and says it is excellent and should quiet concerns over the idea of rebooting the franchise.
  • They have an option for Whedon to direct The Avengers 2 when and if the time comes.
  • There are currently no plans to do a new Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo.
  • Iron Man 3 starts filming in five weeks in North Carolina.
  • When approaching Iron Man 3, their gut instinct was to not make it be a pseudo-Avengers 2.  It’s a full-on Tony Stark movie.
  • Iron Man 3 is inspired by the first half of Iron Man 1 in that they’re metaphorically putting Tony back in the cave.  He’s stripped of everything, back against a wall, and has nothing but his intelligence to get him out.
  • Filming on Thor 2 begins in three months in London and it picks up where the first film left off in terms of Jane and Oden.
  • Thor 2 also addresses what’s been happening in the nine realms with the Asgardians unable to use the Bifrost.
  • Loki has a part in Thor 2, but there will be a different, big villain.
  • The crux of Thor 2 is continuing the dynamic between Thor and Jane, as well as the relationship between Thor and Odin.
  • Feige says there are no plans for Marvel and Pixar to team up on a feature.
  • Creative talks have been progressing for years between Marvel and Disney about possibly doing a Marvelproperty as an animated film.
  • Edgar Wright did not film something for Marvel recently, but Feige says to pay attention to Wright’s tweets in the coming months “and that might change.”
  • They’re still figuring out how much period flashbacks to include in Captain America 2.
  • The primary story of Captain America 2 will be Steve Rogers figuring out his place in the world. For the time-being, he’ll be staying with S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • They should announce by Comic-Con or before what’s coming out in May 2014.
  • Zak Penn did not write a Doctor Strange movie.
  • Feige says, “depending on what Edgar Wright films for us” circumstances could possibly force them to make three films in one year.