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S’More Entertainment Address ‘Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo’ Problem, ‘Galaxy Express 999’ TV

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With the reports many people are putting out there after getting their copies of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo DVD release from S’More Entertainment, their first foray into anime, the company has gotten a good bit of feedback and has been talking up things a little bit on their page. They’re also sending out the same email to multiple people that have submitted things to them clarifying what happened, where the next set of the series will be like and what’s in store for the Galaxy Express 999 TV series release.

It appears there are some issues and confusion over the fact the packaging on “Bobobo…”alluded to the fact the episodes were viewable in English or Japanese with English sub-titles. This was an error on our part that wasn’t caught by anyone here and more importantly, not caught by anyone at TOEI who went over the package design with a fine tooth comb. The episodes can be watched in either Japanese or English language only but rest assured, there was no intent on our or TOEI’s part to mislead the fans.

All 70 plus episodes of the series were never available in a sub-titled format (I understand a small number of episodes were sub-titled in a previous DVD release) and neither TOEI or S’more could justify the cost of creating new, sub-titled versions of the series. DVD sales have plummeted to the point where most companies wouldn’t be willing to commit the money needed for packaging and authoring but we felt the series was important (and fun) enough to justify the risk.

I’ve dealt with serious fans before, starting with The Monkees, MST3K, Transformers and Battle of the Planets so I understand (and respect) their attention to details. It wasn’t our intention to mislead anyone and I’m hopeful that you and other fans will embrace the series as presented and appreciate the effort that went in to creating these packages.

The 2nd “Bobobo…” box set (that completes the series) will not have sub-titled option, the error will be fixed. On GE999, after listening to input, we will only offer the episodes in the Japanese language with sub-titles. There are no English language tracks and we will not be creating them for this release.

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