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Upotte!! Episode #01 Anime Review

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Girls and guns are so last decade. Here, the girls are guns!

What They Say:
Seishou Academy is a school for very unique girls. Their new homeroom teacher gets a crash course lesson in how special they are, from models numbers to underwear

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a planned ten episode run for this Original Net Animation series, Upotte!! looks like it has a cutely fun and interesting premise about it as it deals with a school whose focus is heavily on guns, among other things. It’s an all girls school at that which just heightens what it can do, giving it a mild Strike Witches feeling from the start because of its quasi-military aspect. The show comes from the manga of the same name by Kitsune Tennouji which began in 2008 and has a few volumes under its belt now, which also gives it a reason for not going over the top wit hits episode count.

The school that it focuses on, Seishou Academy, is pretty specialized as the girls that go there are given a variety of classes and skills taught to them that are meant to highlight how special they are as the girls are drawn from around the world. The series lead is from Belgium and makes note of that when she comes across a new male teacher at the local festival and helps him find the scool. Amusingly, even though we do see his face at times, it’s all done with shadows for the most part and that gives it a curious feel. His introduction to the school grounds with the principal is comical to be sure since he finds out that the students carry weapons on campus with live ammo at all times and go through shooting range practice and so forth. While they get taught quite a few things, this one is definitely a standout aspect of the school.

The trick to the show is that the girls really are the guns, just human form versions in a sense. They talk about things like the feel of the hammer going off and we have a sequence where the school nurses checks one the girls by pressing on her stomach and you hear the spring inside her go off. The girls are normal girls in a lot of senses but they’re boind by their mechanics as well, such as Funco (aka FNC), who has an awkward moment with the new teacher when he sees up her skirt and notices she’s wearing a thong. But it’s not her fault as that’s how she was designed, pointing to the butt end of the weapon itself. These quirks are certainly interesting to watch as the girls gossip about each other and go through their training but it also has a somewhat surreal feel to it.

In Summary:
Upotte!! certainly has an interesting premise about it, but it’s the kind of show that doesn’t feel like it has the right execution here. The idea of girls as guns isn’t all that unusual, having done the whole Strike Witches thing and seeing some of the other more literal girls as planes material out there, but the first episode takes a kind of circular approach to getting to the point of the girls and what they are and it leaves a heck of a lot open to interpretation at the moment. It also hints at some fun sexuality with it all and the whole feeling the firing of the hammer. We get the basic introductions of several of the girls and their various places of origin, but the main focus is on Funco as she deals with the new teacher, the drama created there and life as one of these special and unique girls. It’s a strange series that definitely has its moments but also feels like it’s missing a certain bit of polish that it needs to really come together better. I’m certainly curious to see where it is they want to go and what other quirks the girls may have.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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