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‘Game Of Thrones’ Scores Strong Viewership Win

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The numbers have come out and it practically guarantees a third season of A Game of Thrones. The second season premiere Sunday night drew 3.9 million viewers for its 9 PM initial viewing on the main channel, which outdoes the previous series high of the season 1 finale which was at 3 million viewers. Fans of the series will remember that after the first episode with its strong numbers, HBO made the second season renewal. With numbers like these, the third season essentially a given at this point.

HBO’s practice of showing the series repeatedly and across all of its channel brands also brings in much larger numbers over a lengthy period. On the opening night, it posted a total of 6.3 million viewers across all of those which is, accordin gto the stats, a 74% gain over the first season premiere and a 27% gain versus the finale.

[Source: Deadline]

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