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‘To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness’ Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

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Having just finished watching Motto To Love Ru, the news that the 2010 ongoing run of To Love Ru -Trouble- Darkness getting made into an anime series is definitely positive and welcome news. After the two season original series and a follow up series that ran for one season, the team is returning for another installment according to the latest issue of Jump Square magazine which brought that information to light. According to the blurb, original director Atsushi Ootsuki will be coming back to that position with Xebec again handling the animation while Yuichi Ouka is tackling the character designs. The manga series has three volumes under its belt so far since starting in the fall of 2010 as written by Saki Hasemi with artwork by Kentaro Yabuki for the shonen magazine.

Sentai Filmworks has released the previous incarnations, sub only, on DVD in the US.

To Love Ru Plot Concept: They say that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house, but when a beautiful, naked alien princess teleports into Rito Yuki’s bathtub, it’s a definite case of rub-a-dub-doom! Having no idea that the planet Develuke even exists, Rito is completely unaware that touching a girl’s breasts there is how they propose marriage. Consequently, due to some slippery tile and some extra-prominent female appendages, Rito’s suddenly on his way to being a member of the royal family.

Unfortunately, as hot as Lala is, this is one royal family no one wants to become a part of given that her father, King Develuke, bears a suspicious resemblance to the devil! And then there’s the little issue of the very nice human girl that Rito’s already interested in, who’s probably not going to be too understanding of his sudden involvement in intergalactic affairs. Will Rito become the next king of the galaxy? Will he learn the secret of the Big Bang?

[Source: Yaraon! via ANN]


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