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Manga Entertainment UK Panel At MCM Expo Birmingham Reveals New Anime Acquisitions

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The Manga Entertainment UK panel at the MCM Expo this weekend has revealed some new information about what anime fans in the UK can expect later this year and going forward. As always, things are tentative until formally announced as there can always be changes, but it’s definitely a continually exciting time to be a UK anime fan as there are more chances being taken, noted with the big and long running series Dragon Ball Z  finally getting out there. While it may seem odd to a US fan, it’s very rare of anything of even half that length to get looked at first release.

According to the information that’s come out, there is some coverage of what’s been announced so far. As our UK reviewer Bryan Morton noted below with some commentary:

  • Baka & Test S1, DVD, 28 May
  • Blue Exorcist, 2-volume DVD, sub-only, vol.1 20 August, vol.2 29 October. Aniplex considering a dub in due course, likely to get a rerelease if that happens.
  • Dragonball Z – Chris has already posted the PR and release schedule for this. Fist title in a deal with Toei that’s been several years in the making, if it sells well enough further Toei titles will follow. DBZ is the cropped remaster (Orange Box?).
  • Fullmetal Alchemist movie double-pack (Conqueror of Shamballa and Sacred Star of Milos), DVD and BD.

When going into new things, there’s definitely a lot to like.

Manga will be bringing out Panty & Stocking, licensed from Kadokawa who is saying DVD only as they’re not allowing Blu-ray in overseas territories according to Manga. Heads up for FUNimation…

Manga will also be releasing Madoka Magica, DVD only with no set release plan itself yet. “Aniplex releasing unlocked BD makes it unviable in the UK.”

Manga is also going after a few FUNimation titles with Hetalia: Paint it White (June), Hetalia World Series (July) as well as Okami-san.

A pair of titles released by Sentai Filmworks are on their plate with the August 20th release of Princess Resurrection as well as a late summer release of The World God Only Knows first season. And plans for the Media Blasters US release of Squid Girl.

Of particular interest is the news that “Manga would like to license Beelzebub, but believes it has been licensed by either Kaze or MVM for the UK.”

[Source: TFP Forums]

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