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Prince Of Tennis II Episode #13 Anime Review

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The results of the training are about to be put on display.

What They Say:
You can’t refuse a challenge from someone wearing a black jersey. The losers are back and court 2 players are their first victim. Meanwhile, Ryoma has a score to settle

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the players that were booted out earlier in the season having returned, wearing black jackets that contrast to the white jackets of those that got to continue at the camp, everything is being thrown down now as a challenge. And amusingly, it’s a challenge that has to be accepted as there’s a rule that those with black jackets cannot be turned away if there’s a challenge made. The whole thing is just incredibly dorky even as we see them all posturing and looking tough. And pulling it off as well, such as when several of the players attack Ryoma and his group with serves and it only takes one of them to return multiple hits at once. It definitely ups the ante, but it’s just so ridiculous overall that you can’t help but to roll your eyes over it.

With a lot of lead up to this overall as you’ve had the two different styles being taught for the majority of the season, it comes down to some intense matches to show who is the better player. With Ryoma taking a lead here, and actually playing tennis in the series, it has some good moments to it as they play rough and hard against each other while not going over the top with the plays for the most part. It is comical in its own right though since Ryoma’s in pretty rough shape after all the training and has a bit of an unkempt look about him that doe suit him, sans the hole in his hat that has a bit of hair popping through it.

In Summary:
The finale for the series offers a whole lot of tennis and some good scenes for Ryoma as he plays with what he’s learned from the mountain training. And he sets his goals higher with those he wants to take on next. Unfortunately, the whole thing has a whole lot of “who cares” about it because of the way it all unfolded. The majority of the cast outside of the Seigaku characters have no personality and don’t stand out so the need to defeat them in some future event rings hollow. While we’ve gotten some improvement with all of the players and some more than others, it feels like there’s a new divide there in the Seigaku team because of what happened, though it’s not at the surface level. I’m still a big fan of the Prince of Tennis property overall, but this series really felt awful after the first few episodes. Once the shift came to split the training techniques and work through the mountain camp, it lost me almost entirely. They do salvage a bit here with some good tennis, but the season as a whole feels like a complete loss and a waste of time for me.

Grade: C-

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