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‘Lone Wolf & Cub’ Comes To Hollywood

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Take this one with a grain of salt and plenty of skepticism as the people at Kamala Films appear to have acquired the film rights to make Lone Wolf & Cub into a major motion picture. The original manga by Kazuo Koike, released in the US in fantastic editions by Dark Horse Comics, was released in the 1970’s to grand critical acclaim at home and abroad and has had numerous live action serials made in Japan. But because of this, there have been a variety of rights issues over the years because of how those were made and financed during that decade. There was also a TV series in the 70’s that ran for three seasons and a new one hit back in 2002 that ran for a bit. All of this makes those familiar with Japanese rights a bit leery about it, especially with no major studio behind it at this point.

Kamala Films has set David & Janet Peoples to write the script and apparently the go to director of Justin Lin had already been attached to direct. Kamala’s Marissa McMahon will produce with 1212 Entertainment’s Elizabeth Grave and Joshua Long, with Roberto Grande exec producing.

The scribes have storied credits including Blade Runner, Unforgiven and Twelve Monkeys, while Lin is working on Universal’s sixth installment of The Fast and the Furious. “I’ve long admired the Peoples and their enduring body of work,” Lin said. “They’re a wonderful match for Lone Wolf and Cub and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with them on this powerful, epic tale.”

Plot Concept: In the feudal era of Japan, Ogami Itto is the elite executioner for the Shogun until the ruthless Yagyu clan frames him in an attempt to gain the position. His name dishonored and his wife murdered, Itto and his infant son Daigoro wander Japan as assassin for hire Lone Wolf and Cub. Ultimately, Ogami Itto strives for revenge against the Yagyu clan.

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