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Kenneth Branagh In Talks For Next ‘Jack Ryan’ Pic

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With Jack Bender having exited the next installment in the Jack Ryan series as director, Paramount is in talks to bring on board Kenneth Branagh to helm the film. The project is set to get underway after the Star Trek sequel wraps as the lead is the same for both films with Chris Pine set to take on the role of Jack Ryan. He follows Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin as the character from the numerous novels. Branagh’s star got a bit brighter in the last couple of years due to his work on Thor which had a good budget and a solid return on investment and also got him working extensively with special effects, something that he hadn’t done at that level before.

Branagh is an interesting choice for it as many people do view Thor positively but don’t quite consider it the action movie it should have been. With the Jack Ryan franchise, it does make it potentially a better fit if Paramount is trying to wrap it in a Mission: Impossible mold by having action be a significant part of it, but also needing someone who can handle the defter political and intrigue aspects of it, which Branagh would be ideal for.

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