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ThunderCats Episode #14 – New Alliances Review

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While Lion-O sees the end of the war is near, Mumm-ra proves it’s just beginning.

What They Say:
New Alliances – The Thundercats set out to dismantle Mumm-Ra’s lizard army piece by piece.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After an enjoyable first half of the season where we got into the general world, the origins of the species and the growth of the characters, the second half has a bit of work ahead of it in order to really get back on track since the break it took can certainly reduce enthusiasm a bit. Thankfully, things start off well here with a good bit of fun as the twins are enjoying their hoverboards and run into a group of lizards. Of course, it’s all a trap that the group laid out as they’re intent on going on the offensive when it comes to the lizards and what Mumm-ra is up to, which is a welcome change of pace from the heroes almost always reacting instead of actually acting in pursuit of their goals.

This shift is pretty nicely done, especially as it gives Lion-O a chance to push his agenda more after what happened with the Spirit Stone in that he wants to send the captured Lizards back home, giving them the choice of that or heading back to the battlefield. While Mumm-ra is certainly a threat across the board, he’s lost some of his influence now. Even more interesting is to see how the the Thundercats group themselves is shaking out, as Lion-O has come to terms with Tygra and Cheetara’s relationship and Panthro is figuring out how to get some new hands after what happened to him before. There’s some lightness here that’s definitely appreciated after how serious things had gotten. Of course, the serious side is still there as well as Mumm-ra makes it clear he’s still in the game and that the war is really just starting, as he intends to bring in some new generals that will whip the Lizard army into shape as well as giving him access to potentially recruiting from a pair of other races as well.

The freeing of the two generals from their problems, one being readied to be executed and the other jailed in a more serious way after killing several inmates already is a good part of the show as we get to see the “monkey” and the “jackal” show off who they are and how their new ties to Mumm-ra are handled. It’s easy to imagine they could switch later on, right now they owe their freedom to Mumm-ra and are getting the opportunity to engage in the violence that they enjoy. We also get an actual encounter with the two generals against Lion-O and the others which shows a bit more of their own bonds, which isn’t as simple as initially laid out, but makes it clear that there are some things that can’t be changed. The action is well done for it, even if Lion-O continues to have a bad style of fighting, since we get some good fun when it comes to Cheetara and Tygra as they continue to be the real powerhouses of the group.

In Summary:
In terms of getting things back on track after the break, Thundercats largely hits the right notes here and sets the stage well for what this part of the season will be like. While Lion-O is struggling with his personal issues, his intent to find the Stones and finish the war is strong, but he doesn’t realize at first that the war is really just beginning and not ending. Youth plays into it well, but he’s got a good support group about him that will reinforce what needs to be done and to help him achieve it as well. The new generals are fun and have some potential if they get more definition beyond the simplicity that they are, but here they’re mainly used to showcase that Mumm-ra is going to be going strong going forward.

Grade: B

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