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Lagrange – The Flower Of Rin-ne Episode #12 Anime Review

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The series comes to its mid-season break with a good bit of character drama, some mild silliness and a fair bit of action against a big scale background.

What They Say:
The shock of seeing her loved ones become casualties of war causes Madoka and her Vox Aura to lose control, bringing the Flower of Lagrange to rain all over the city of Kamogawa.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With things having played big in the previous episode when it came to the action and events, this episode serves as an end of season break/epilogue kind of work where things are more character driven focused than anything else. Which is pretty much what most of the series has been like until this point, but it works well enough here to smooth things out and really reaffirm that the characters have become a part of the fabric of the town they live in. With Lan getting ready to leave and head into space, it’s cute that she’s thought well enough by some of the other girls in the class to get pretty emotional about it, which in turn definitely makes an impact on Lan herself.

While it deals well with the character side of things in the first half, including a nice little segment involving Land and Madoka with a small lock set, it also starts to set the stage well for the bigger picture in showcasing the galactic scale and the way they’re setting up to begin what’s next. Amusingly, things don’t go quite to plan as something else is starting to go on with the ships in space at the same time that flowers of sorts are falling down on Kamogawa. Even as the show starts to go big again, showcasing the problem that’s coming into play, it does manage to keep things very personal and small in a way, setting the character drama against the big picture. Which really does work well at times, such as seeing the massive space ships in the sky while having highschool girls talk about the situation and the changes they’ve gone through.

In Summary:
I really, really wanted to like this series. It has the production values I like, the mixture of action and character silliness that can give it that right kind of oomph to make it easy to connect with. It has great looking character designs overall and really sold itself early on with the mecha action. But the narrative itself just lost me after the first episode or two as it wanted to spend too much of its time on fluff without a good sub-layering of the main storyline. It felt like two distinctly different shows and the character/school side wasn’t strong enough to draw me in fully. I liked the cast, and even came to like Lan eventually after those first few awkward episodes, but the damage was done. It has a curious mid-series ending here as it takes a break before it returns later in the year for the second half, as we get both the big picture and small picture again but still with the same problem in that they’re too separate from each other. With little connection to the cast overall, especially the seemingly sprawling supporting cast, it just feels empty. When the second season rolls around, we’ll be having a different reviewer taking it on as Bryan has watched this season and enjoyed it and will be able to provide a different viewpoint on it compared to my own. Lagrange had me as one of the more interesting series to check out this season based on the promos, but it was the one that was among the lower ranked for me as it went on.

Grade: C

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