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Beelzebub Episode #60 Anime Review

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The series draws to an end despite my protestations. Yopple Punch!

What They Say:
Oga Tatsumi has disappeared. After the battle with Behemoth’s 34 Pillars Division, the rest of the gang wonders what’s become of him and Baby Beel. Could this be the end?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After going a bit big last episode with some good fight son the new academy’s grounds and the overall scale of the threat posed by the 34 Pillars, it went in a very big way towards the end when Beel and Oga combined. That’s been something not used often thankfully but when they do draw it out, it’s very cute and fun and shows the neat relationship the two have. Of course, what made it a bad episode was the discovery that this is the series finale now and we’ve got no more coming. So it intends to play things as best as it can, such as showing the sad side of things at the start as everyone thinks Oga’s bought the farm. Instead, he’s just been spending some time in the demon world before he and Beel made their way back. It’s comical what he went through since it was hardly a danger.

With Oga and Beel back, everything has a kind of slapdash and wacky feeling to it as it’s going over the top with how it’s playing out. The Great Demon Lord apparently still wants to end humanity and has sent Lord En back with his group, though know they’re at St. Ishiayama. Oga’s just going about his days even with the threat that’s supposedly coming with a demon army and then you have others like Hilda trying to wrangle things so they can avoid what’s coming. Yet in the middle of it, it all comes down to how Oga is the most controlled about this with his emotions and mans up about it, insisting that this is the right thing to do in sending Beel back to the Demon Realm so that everything can hit something of a reset button and the world can go on with no demon problems. For awhile at least.

Since this is the series finale, they do work events so that pretty much all of the main characters of the show get their chance to interact on screen even if it’s a little forced at times. All the bad guys, the bad girls and the supporting characters get their moments. Even from the demon realm we get some quick bits so they get some voice time as well on screen that helps. And even Aoi gets some really fun moments as she’s abused and manipulated by the shrine spirit that’s whispering through her to others. Running through the cast as they deal with things related to the end, which really isn’t all that interesting since you know it’s just a placeholder idea of sorts, the fun here is in getting to revisit everything thta made you smile about the series while adding in some nice, brief and smile inducing moments with Oga and Beel about how everything is drawing to a close.

In Summary:
Beelzebub was a real surprise for me when it came on over a year ago as it was one of those series that felt absolutely like nothing else on the air. With Studio Pierrot behind the animation, it also had the added effect of feeling like a show that came out in the 80’s with its sense of humor in terms of execution and activity, reminiscent of Urusei Yatsura in some key areas such as home life, amusing nudity and the fighting. As it progressed, it did change how it wanted to do things but it largely held to what made it work while expanding the cast and just having a fun. There are shows where you can just feel the fun that went into coming up with it all and the execution of it. While not every episode was a winner to be certain, the show as a whole is highly enjoyable and made my Sunday mornings a great way to wake up. Beelzebub is a show I have a near impossible time imagining getting picked up, which is one of the reasons I initially stuck with it, and I’m glad it did as it’s one that will stick in my mind for a long time to come.

Grade: B+

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