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Questioning Fandom: Make It LEGO!

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Having grown up on LEGO toys, I’ve long continued my interest in them over the years and use having kids as a cover for getting more. They were the ultimate toy to use in conjunction with other toys, from my old Adventure People to Matchbox cars and more as a way to build new locations and things for the other toys to be involved with. Over the last couple of years, and in the last year specifically, there’s been a lot of LEGO toys coming out. The company has had a solid relationship with the Star Wars franchise for quite some time and has produced some excellent sets across all price ranges. Someday I ~will~ own the Millennium Falcon and Death Star sets. But they also work some gorgeous architecture pieces and a range of other properties as well, from Harry Potter to the Pirates of the Caribbean sets. The last year though has seen some marked changes from the company in how it approaches things after some legal issues came up that might put a crimp in their plans, showing how other companies could get in on the same kinds of blocks without any problems. While that was all settled, LEGO did spend a lot of time during this period bolstering its licensed property holdings to work with as that’s where a lot of money comes from (though we’re pleased to see the LEGO Friends sets in stores!). This year is seeing renewed interest in the superhero world with both Marvel Comics and DC Comics getting involved in a big way but we’re also going to be seeing sets from both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

It’s a wonderful time to be a LEGO fan. Well, not financially.

As much fun as these new licensed properties will be based on what we’ve seen, there’s always the desire to have more, especially from those little show or movies that could never support such things. Producing both original and rebooted Battlestar Galactica sets? Oh yes, please sign me up! Delve into the realm of Babylon 5 and give me some classic stuff that’ll never see the light of day. And really, why aren’t there Star Trek LEGO sets and minifigs these days? Imagine a Death Star sized Enterprise – any of them! That may be the most obvious one of them all, but when it comes to movies and TV and other comics, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

The world of anime is where things would really go badly for me financially, if they worked even just a handful of the main properties out of the Shonen Jump world. Naruto? One Piece? No brainers. Toss in some classic with Dragon Ball and the arena sets as well as the sheer variety of minifigs that could be done? Go big scale with all sorts of Gundam sets – just look at the sheer number of model kits there are! These would be like a gateway drug for younger kids to get into modeling. And with LEGO going after the girls market a bit more, can you imagine the variety of shoujo titles in Japan that they could tackle, both manga and anime wise?

So what about you? What series, books or movies do you think would make for ideal LEGO conversions to happen on an official level. Fans have made countless conversions over the years and lots of ideas are out there on how to do them yourselves, but there’s also the fun in getting all the pieces easily in sets like this. Locations, vehicles, minifigs… so many choices. Where do you start?

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