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Listen To Me Girls, I’m Your Father! Episode #11 Anime Review

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Life is going on with only a few hiccups, though something else is coming down the road.

What They Say:
Yuuta is so focused and happy about being a good Father, a visitor with some information snaps him back to reality. He offered a choice that could change everybody lives.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
One of the more pleasant things about the series as its gone along is the fact that it hasn’t really been overly stressed about things. Yuuta’s been handling thing swell and while there have been issues, such as school, work and the place to live, it hasn’t been over dramatized and made much more of it than need be. It’s not been light and carefree throughout as he has his problems and the girls have theirs, but he’s managed it well and hasn’t let it bleed through to them so that they don’t feel worse. He’s also gotten some good help from his friends and especially with Raika since she’s been very much interested in helping since she likes all the girls, and Sora in particular who continues to have some daydreams about Yuuta in a natural way.

A good part of this episode continues to reinforce that as we see how Raika and Sora continue to get closer together and enjoy spending time with each other and we see another daydream in school that Sora has that’s cute in its simplicity. The relaxed nature of the cast is definitely appealing as it does the slice of life thing right by not focusing on some inane little things as a big draw but rather going through their lives and some of the interactions that helps to show how close they are. But there’s also forward movement going on here as well, such as Raika making it clearer in her own way that she’s interested in Yuuta, which is very nice to see when played against the kind of very young girl daydreams that Sora has about Yuuta. The more grounded and real versus the ideal dream life fantasy.

As well as things are going, there are things that slip through the cracks as Yuuta tries to do his best. One of his problems through is that he’s living in the shadow of his sister who took care of him and he continually feels that he’s not doing as good as she did when it came to him in the past. It’s a driving factor for why he does what he does in trying to take care of them so they weren’t split up, but he’s also struggling with it since it is different from what his sister had to deal with since there was only one of him and not three little boys for example. And he has so little outlet to talk about all of this that he ends up talking with just Sora about it, which burdens her a bit as well as she tries to understand what all is going on with him. There are events moving in the background within the family at large and it could certainly change things, depending on what Yuuta decides to do when it comes to those he hasn’t seen much of since the funeral.

In Summary:
As the series nears its end in the next episode, it does come up with a bit of drama to give it all a bit push for the finale. It’s not unexpected either as you could see this coming from the start when the situation at the funeral got out of hand, emotional and with people reacting without thinking. What needs to be figured out is what’s best for the girls but also best for Yuuta as he has a strong connection to all of this through his sister and the directly blood related Hina. But he’s also gotten close to all of them, has done right by them and cares immensely about them. But the girls also have to be a part of the decision. As can be expected though, it may be all decided by the “adults” in the room instead, which is where it can really cause problems.

Grade: B

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