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Media Blasters Acquires ‘Queen’s Blade: Rebellion’?

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Sometimes things are a little vague in how they’re worded, but according to the Media Blasters Facebook page (3/10/12), when asked if they would be getting the OVA and third season of Queen’s Blade entitled Rebellion, the page operator indicated that “we will db all of qb now…” and followed up when asked if we’d see any new Queen’s Blade releases this year with “I think so.”

While not a hard and fast confirmation, it definitely weights in that arena. The third TV season of Queen’s Blade is set to premiere this April in Japan. You can view the various promo videos released so far here.

Plot concept: Beautiful, the radical rebellion begins! Called a reputation as a masterpiece of sexy action “Heirs to the throne / wandering warrior Queen’s Blade -” The long-awaited decision making of the new series! ! The original story, “Queen’s Blade” sequel and “Queen’s Blade – Rebellion – a new chapter.” In previous work, but the queen was dead crow instead of Reina, tyranny begins performed about a year passed since the coronation. And for us and the stepsister of Anne Knight Lotte insurgency. Also woven into the swamp witch further speculation, the story heats up even more!

[Source: TFP Forums]

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