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Moretsu Pirates Episode #10 Anime Review

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The chase continues as Marika and her crew are getting ever closer.

What They Say:
As Chiaki fills in for Morika, the crew of the Bentenmaru is continuing their search for Golden Ghost Ship in a dangerous area. But in the rough weather, they meet Serenity warships; will the Princess be able to prevent a battle?

The Review:
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With the series having worked well with Gruier as of late, things take an amusing turn here as Marika and her crew continue their quest to figure out what’s going on with the Ghost Ship. That twist has Marika and Gruier working closely together after convincing Chiaki to take on the theatrical role of captain of the Bentenmaru, something that she completely gets into. While she tries to play up the reserved and kind of quiet but intense personality, when she’s freed from those self imposed shackles, she goes all out into the role and fits the costume perfectly, making for some cute and definitely fun moments as the episode gets underway.

Like past episodes, there’s some good time spent here just dealing with simple character interactions since there isn’t a need to rush. Sometimes this does come back to bite the series in the rear end a little as it almost starts to drag, but instea dwhat we really end up getting is a show that knows better how to spend some quality time while also going into the larger storylines as well. Focusing on some downtime during the flight, we see Marika spending time with Gruier and getting to know her a bit better, and vice versa, but we also see Marika with other members of the crew as she grows more and more confident and comfortable around the ship and those she now works with. That kind of interaction is rather welcome to see as she doesn’t try to be big about things and easily takes advice and suggestions under consideration.

When the show shifts into action mode, it hits some really good marks here as Marika continues to come across as a consummate professional even at such a young age and relatively low experience overall when you consider events. The chase that’s going on here is quite good and the second half deals with it in the same way it handles the dialogue aspects of the show, but giving it the right weight and moving the events forward in ways that in the end go by too fast while still seeming like it’s taking its time. That continues to be one of the most surprising things about this series in that for a weekly series, each episode goes by fast than it seems like it does.

In Summary:
The pursuit of the Serenity Fleet continues here as Marika and her crew along with Gruier make some progress on this front. There are some good moments to be had in terms of the action here, more so in that it’s an extended chase when you get down to it, but it helps to propel the series along as it gets closer to its halfway mark. This plays well with the more dialogue driven aspect of the show here which features some good down time where there’s little to do for the cast. The time between Gruier and Marika is pretty good but I kept finding myself re-running the opening section of the show with Chiaki taking on the lead role for a bit with some extra theatrics. While I generally have an idea of where the show is going, the pacing of it and the quirks it may take continues to be unexpected and that alone makes it a fun show to watch and this episode is no exception.

Grade: B

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