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Hunter X Hunter Episode #21 Anime Review

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The Exam has ended, but the danger has not gone away.

What They Say:
Gon is upset that Killua was forced to kill. Gon is mad at Illumi and proclaims that he will go to Kukuroo Mountain to rescue Killua. As Gon and his friends depart, Satotz mentions that the Hunter Exam isn’t over yet…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the way the final match played out, Gon’s anger is certainly understandable since it goes beyond what happened to him directly. He’s such an involved person in his most basic way when it comes to his friends that it really gets him when someone else hurts them. He’s bonded with Killua in a big way, surprising to Killua to be sure, that he’s almost beyond words when it comes to what Illumi did to Killua. Gon is pretty impressive when he goes up against Illumi here and in some way you get the sense that even Illumi is impressed, though he doesn’t show it. Everything is being dealt with though and while Gon has an edge of anger and violence to him, things are getting settled out fairly well.

There’s a good deal of discussion going on here and some neat little nods towards how unusual this particular Exam went, which even those running it acknowledge. The accusations certainly fly, but it’s rather good to see that in the end nothing really changes when you get down to it. And that leads to the organization getting into explaining what it means to be a Hunter and the importance of their license card. There’s a lot involved with it but it’s kept slimmed down here to make its importance clear. The revelation that twenty percent of new Hunters lose their license in the first year and they’re not able to get new ones points to how sought after they are and that keeping it protected is mission priority one for a new Hunter.

Where the show wants to shift its focus now is on what Gon wants to do in rescuing Killua, who has gone back to Kukuroo Mountain where his family of assassins resides. There’s some neat little back and forth from Illumi and Hisoka over Gon, out of earshot of course, that paints a picture of what can be coming down the line for the two as Gon “ripens” for him. While the gang gets the idea to head out to find Killua and rescue him, there’s also a bit of history and past connectoin that gets brought into the picture as well as Satotz has a great little sit down moment with Gon and a connection that they do share. It’s not exactly parental on Satotz’s part, but it’s a good heartwarming moment that really shows the right kind of people are working the Hunter Exam.

In Summary:
With the Hunter Exam now fully over and everything done and settled with, the series is now starting to make clear where it’s going to go next. And it’s one that’s good to see since it shows the way the trio are intent on bringing back their friend and really continuing to forge their friendships. While that setup is definitely good to see, there’s a lot of little bits here that are covered as well, from what Illumi did, what Hisoka is after and the basics of what to expect out of the Hunter license that the seven new members have. The series is refocusing here on just the primary cast, sans Killua for the moment, and it’s doing it well as we get to see just how in tune they are with each other. The seies continues to be really fun to watch and even though there’s little that really happens here, it manages to be thoroughly engaging for what it does accomplish.

Grade: B+

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