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FUNimation Updates Anime Simulcast Schedule For March

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Ah, the fun of the simulcast season. As things can and do change in Japan, so must they change here. And just wait until the clocks change next weekend to see how the simulcasters adjust the schedules! But before that, FUNimation has updated what to expect from a couple of their properties for the month of March as there are some changes afoot. For One Piece fans, it’s definitely a difficult month as we lose an episode as there’s nothing on the 11th. The same goes for Toriko as that series continues on its increasingly lengthy run while at the same time surprising people that it hasn’t been picked up for physical release yet. And for future diary fans, a little delay enters into the picture as well. Check out the full details below.


  • There will be no broadcast on 03/11 in Japan
  • Episode 538 will launch as planned this weekend
  • Episode 539 will launch on 3/17
  • There will be no broadcast on 03/11 in Japan
  • Episode 46 will launch as planned on 03/07 (Weds)
  • Episode 47 will launch on 03/21
  • The broadcast of the next episode has been delayed a week
  • There will NOT be a new episode on 03/06
  • Episode 21 will launch on 03/13, and the rest of the series will launch one episode per week after that
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