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Top Ten Articles For February 2012

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Well, this month proved to be a bit of a surprise. When it comes to looking at the top ten viewed articles on the site, there are some things that are now just expected for obvious reasons. The weekly reviews of Naruto: Shippuden do tend to dominate (and admittedly I’m tempted to take them out because they can be up to half the conversation!), but this month keeps them in the mix while shaking it up a bit. The top of the charts of all things is an ages old hentai anime release that’s getting some priced down re-releases. Hentai and Naruto gets eyeballs. Go figure. So, uh, anime companies, please release more hentai? And more Naruto?

Anyway. The two unexpected additions this month is that the two main pieces of Bleach news dominate with word that a live action adaptation is being pursued by Warner Bros., news that came early in the month and caused a lot of pearl clutching, and news that Bleach is going to be ending its anime run in March. What really surprised me though is that four of this months most popular articles the reviews for Guilty Crown. I don’t see too much discussion about it out on the Twitterverse amongst readers, but the show is definitely going for a wild and seemingly unscripted ride in a way and it’s catching a lot of attention. So with the series coming to a close soon, it should be interesting to see if lightning strikes twice this month for the show.

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