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The Anime Network Talks March Anime Plans & Special Offer

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The folks at The Anime Network are offering up something a little special this month for some who may have let their subscriptions lapse as there’s now the “March Madness” plan that lets you get 10% off the life of your subscription. Considering how many hours they have on the service of material to watch and the stream of new material, it’s definitely a good offer. Click here to get 10 percent off for the life of your subscription.

But what we want to talk about today is their March plans for the anime itself, which is pretty good. First, they’re talking up what’s fully confirmed to hit this month, which includes the debut of the dub for Infinite Stratos.

  1. Inu x Boku: Secret Service – Shirakiin Ririchiyo’s dream of independence had long seemed impossible and she felt doomed to the life of a secluded shut-in. Until, that is, she arrived at the mysterious mansion known as Ayakashi Kan, where every resident must pass a series of tests before being allowed in.
  2. Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! – Yuta Segawa wasn’t happy when his sister married a man who already had two children. What kind of brother would Yuta be if he didn’t take in their THREE children when Yuri and her husband Shingo’s plane disappears?
  3. Waiting in the Summer – Lights! Camera! Teen Angst! When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about filmmaking and a lot more about each other and themselves.
  4. Infinite Stratos (English Dub) – Infinite Stratos (or IS for short) has quickly become at once the greatest tool and deadliest enemy during world conflicts. Unique for the IS, however, is it’s limitations: only women are able to pilot them, until now.
  5. A-Channel – Toru and Run have been best friends forever, so when Toru learns that she’s managed to get into the same high school as Run, she runs to tell her… only to find Run in a compromising position with yet another girl, Yuko.

The service is also talking up the shows that they have in the works, which matches up pretty nicely to things that Sentai Filmworks has announced recently and makes note of some new dubs that will be appearing as well.

  1. Akikan
  2. ef ~ A Tale of Melodies
  3. Familiar of Zero F
  4. Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
  5. Gintama – The Movie
  6. Golgo 13 (English Dub) Collection 3
  7. K-ON!! Season 2
  8. Motto To Loveru
  9. Planzet
  10. Polyphonica Crimson S
  11. Psychic Squad
  12. Rozen Maiden – Traumend (Season 2)
  13. Someday’s Dreamers
  14. The Book of Bantora (English Dub)
  15. Towanoquon (English Dub)

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