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New Maria Hill Shots From ‘The Avengers’ Released

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While Cobie Smulders may not be a household name, and this movie won’t exactly put her in that position, she’s an actress who has scored consistently for years as one of the leads on How I Met Your Mother on CBS. She’s managed a role in The Avengers under Joss Whedon (whose former alum from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, costars with her on TV) as Maria Hill, the SHIELD agent who plays things close with Fury and the others. With this movie, she may not have a huge role, but she gets to be in the mix with all the big names and has plenty of potential down the line should the supposedly gestating SHIELD movie get pushed into production. Something that seems much more likely after The Avengers where the organization gets to make its real full on debut.

Check out the new shots of Maria Hill below that Marvel has put out.

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