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Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode #08 Anime Review

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The film is finished which means it’s time to enjoy the festival. At least until the aliens attack.

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The Review:
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With some of the revelations that happened in the previous episode and the mild change sin relationships that have happened, the series enters a slightly different state as the kids are basically coping with it all at this point. With some awkwardness at that since feelings have changed and you don’t want it to be made too much of since not only could it hurt others, it could hurt themselves as well. Kanna seems to be the one making the most of the situation though as she’s trying very hard to be bright, outgoing and happy, but it just makes everyone else more concerned for her when you get down to it.

Because everyone is basically on vacation here for the filming of the movie, they do get some downtime to have fun while the edits are put together and they try to see if they have something decent to use. That means we get events like the festival, which puts all the girls in their finery and the guys just in street clothes as they hang out and have fun. Considering all the drama, it’s actually welcome to see them act normal and just have fun with everything, especially with how Ichika is just so in love with all of it. Of course, when you throw Remon into the mix, things have the potential to go in unexpected directions.

A good part of the episode actually deals with one aspect of the festival where the gang splits up into pairs and does the walk through the woods in the dark gig, which is always fun when it shakes up who goes with who. There are some fun moments here as Remon plays it to good effect, but it’s all just prelude to what’s really about to happen as the science fiction element finally comes back into play as something has come to get Ichilka and naturally Kaito will get caught up in all of it. It’s just the start of the real push towards the drama that will unfold for the remainder of the series, but it’s welcome to finally get back to this whole angle which has largely been ignored after the start of the series.

In Summary:
Similar to past episodes, this one feels like a “things happen” but that’s about all you really want to say about it. The show works the relationships a bit more without any real progress or significant issues dealt with, though it tries to play like it does, and it leaves the whole thing feeling pretty shallow and empty. There is some basic fun when it comes to the bits of the movie that we see and the festival, but the whole walk in the dark aspect really just grates on me after all these years because they do the same things all the time, so it’s highly predictable. I know, most shows are predictable no matter what, but something about this series it just feels like it’s pandering and cloying even more than some others. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way and this episode is no different.

Grade: C+

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