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Angel & Faith #7 Review

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“Let me take the burden from you”

Creative Staff:
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs

What They Say:
Horrors across the London landscape have led Angel and Faith to a certain hot new vampire in the underground scene . . . Drusilla. She is back in her homeland and feeling better than ever! While Angel indecisively deals with Dru, Faith must sort out an unexpected guest of her own who promises to rile up her inner turmoil with stories from the past.

The Review:
The second part of the Daddy Issues arc starts off with an amazing cover. Steve Morris nails the creepy, ever intriguing vampire Drusilla. Who can resist her allure? From the black with white tipped fingernails to the apple of temptation in her hand, it’s just perfect. For those who aren’t familiar with her history, we get a quick flashback that covers the basics of how Angelus stalked and sired her. Even though I know the story well, I found the flashback to be a great way to set the stage for Angel’s guilt and amazement over encountering Drusilla again.

For, as we learned in the first part, Drusilla is now sane. The lorophage demon that appeared to be causing so much havoc has removed all the emotions that crippled her. She offers the same service to all of her new followers as “Mother Superior”. This is a great touch, since it sets her up in an interesting position. Is what she is doing truly helping others? Does she have some sinister ulterior motives? Angel, of course, is having none of it. He won’t give up his pain or shame for anything… or will he?

In keeping with the “Daddy Issues” theme, we also get a chance to learn more about Faith’s problems with her father. Here the art and story again marry to perfection, as the expressions on Faith’s face reflect her anger and heartbreaking hope as she decides if she will allow her father back into her life. Rebekah Issacs, as always, shines in her ability to reveal character through the faces she draws. We also are treated to reminders of Angel’s son, Connor. I’d love to see him brought into the series for at least a few issues!

My favorite parts of this issue, though, were the twists along the way. We got insight into another portion of Angel’s plan to return Giles to life. As this is probably firmly in “spoiler” range, I won’t give anything away. Suffice it to say that I love it, and I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more in future parts of the story. You need to read this month’s comic for this twist. I also love the direction that Faith’s reunion with her father is heading. I wish I didn’t have to wait another entire month to find out what happens next!

In Summary:
Overall, this was a great issue with a lot of information to share. It did a wonderful job setting up the next crop of problems for Angel and Faith to solve. I greeted the return of one of my favorite crazy vampires with jubilation. Drusilla is a ton of fun… and who knows just where she is headed next? The surprise with regards to Angel’s plans for resurrecting Giles has me ready to settle in for another amazing arc, and Faith’s father promises to provide his own interesting twists and turns. Angel and Faith continues to be one of my favorite monthly reads.

Grade: A

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