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Lagrange – The Flower Of Rin-ne Episode #07 Anime Review

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Muginami’s past starts to surface more and more, but is it worth caring?

What They Say:
While recovering from the last battle, Muginami remembers the moments she shared with Villagiulio back on her home planet. She realizes that she still considers Villagiulio an important person who taught her about happiness.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As LaGrange continues on, the show is having a harder and harder time maintaining interest. When we get things involved with the big actions that are going on such as the Vox fighting and the general aerial battles themselves, it works very well. When it focuses on the characters, it has so far been pretty weak as there hasn’t felt like a consistent and cohesive framework to bring it all together. It’s either gone with awkward comedy that didn’t work, such as the beach sequence or the extended time spent in the cafe with Lan taking on a temporary waitressing job, or it just goes through the motions of dealing with things like school and so forth. And those feel even weaker because it’s all by the numbers kind of material that realistically has no impact beyond skirting up the girls.

This episode feels a whole lot like that, when you realize that you’re at the end of the episode and there’s little to truly speak of within the episode as it was all fluff and silliness. There’s some fun bonding time between Lan and Madoka as they go through their school day and get a bit more comfortable with each other, but that goes only so far, especially when neither girl is all that interesting to begin with. Where the show plays things more serious is in some flashback sequences for Muginami that helps to illustrate the pain she suffered when she was younger that is used to showcase why she is like she is now. It’s even given more faux importance by being done in widescreen. Sadly, Muginami has been such a terribly uninteresting character from the get go, someone that I’d want to slap just for breathing, that getting more understanding of her doesn’t help.

In Summary:
The further it goes on, the more LaGrange is just becoming boring to me. It has some neat ideas to it but it’s overall execution has been sadly lacking as it plays to various subgenres rather than dealing with the big picture itself. This episode in particular should be stronger as it has some well animated and atmospheric flashback pieces that helps to flesh out a character, but they’ve made her uninteresting for awhile now that it just doesn’t work. And when the other main characters are already duller than I can believe, it just makes it more painful to watch. The show opened with a fair bit of potential but has lost its way along the way and doesn’t feel like it really knows how to tell its story.

Grade: C

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