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‘Infinite Stratos’ Anime Gets English Cast Reveal

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Sentai Filmworks has put out a bit more information about their April 10th release of the Infinite Stratos anime series that will be on DVD and Blu-ray and therefore be bilingual. Janice Williams popped into the forums this morning and revealed that the series is being directed by Matt Greenfield with Tiffany Grant providing the ADR script. And in addition to that, the cast list has come out as well, which brings some familiar and always welcome names.


  • Ichika – Josh Grelle
  • Houki – Monica Rial
  • Charles – Shannon Emerick
  • Cecillia – Brittney Karbowski
  • Rinin – Hilary Haag
  • Laura – Tiffany Grant
  • Chifuyu – Luci Christian
  • Yamada – Cynthia Martinez
  • Tabane – Allison Keith
  • Ran – Luci Christian
  • Dan – Chris Ayres
  • Riko – Allison Sumrall
  • Nohohon – Monica Passley
  • Sayuka – Tiffany Terrell

Plot Concept: Ten years ago, the development of the revolutionary Infinite Stratos powered exoskeleton changed the world’s balance of power overnight. Unfortunately, while the distribution of IS systems to every nation on Earth has ushered in a new era of peace, the fact that only women have thus far been able to pilot the Stratos systems has sent the relationship between the XX and XY-chromosomed halves of the human race into a spiraling tailspin!

When fifteen-year-old Ichika Orimura is suddenly discovered to be the first male with the ability to control an IS, whatever plans he might have had for his own future are tossed out the window even as he’s thrown to the wolves and enrolled at the otherwise entirely female Infinite Stratos Academy by order of the Japanese government!

Contains episodes 1-12 plus the Encore OVA episode and a bonus music CD.

[Source: TFP Forums]