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FUNimation Sets ‘Black Butler’ Season 2 Anime Cast

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FUNimation’s gearing up for an upcoming release that’s going to have a certain segment of anime fans excited as they have the second season of Black Butler┬álined up for April 3rd. While we’ve known about the DVD/BD combo release being due for a bit, today’s when they’ve announced the cast for the English language dub of the series which features some new characters in addition to familiar ones from the first season.

Character / Voice Actor

  • ALOIS Luci Christian
  • CLAUDE Jason Douglas
  • ABBERLINE Jonathan Brooks
  • AGNI Patrick Seitz
  • BALDROY Ian Sinclair
  • CIEL Brina Palencia
  • DRUITT Todd Haberkorn
  • ELIZABETH Cherami Leigh
  • FINNY Jason Liebrecht
  • GRELL Daniel Fredrick
  • HANNAH Caitlin Glass
  • LAU Jerry Jewell
  • LUKA Lindsay Seidel
  • MEY-RIN Monica Rial
  • SEBASTIAN J. Michael Tatum
  • SOMA Chris Ayres
  • TANAKA R. Bruce Elliott

The series is getting a single complete release that will also feature the five OVAs that were produced in Japan to complement the broadcast show with:

OVA 01 (Wonderland Part 01 and 02)
OVA 02 (Welcome to the Phantomhives)
OVA 03 (Making Of )
OVA 04 (The Intention of Spider)
OVA 05 (The Story of Will the Reaper)