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Nico Nico Adds ‘Highschool DxD,’ ‘Senki Zessho Symphogear’ & ‘Detective Opera Milky Holmes 2’ Anime Simulcasts

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While we got the announcement last week about FUNimation picking up the rights to Highschool DxD, it wasn’t a surprise to see it getting the simulcast treatment on Nico Nico after the partnership agreement that was designed last year. This week has seen the addition of two other series to the Nico Nico site itself for simulcast presentation with Senki Zessho Symphogear and Detective Opera Milky Holmes 2. None of the shows have episodes available yet though the Highschool DxD series should kick off today as that’s when FUNimation’s simulcast begins.

Detective Opera Milky Homes first season previously was simulcast via the Crunchyroll service.

Of course, viewing them via Nico Nico could be a problem as the service is at present incorrectly flagging IP addresses for people in the United States and Canada by telling them that they’re not in the right regions to view the shows. This is impacting existing shows like LastExile, Guilty Crown and so forth.

Highschool DxD Plot: Issei Hyodo is a 2nd-Year high school student attending Kuo Private Academy, where the girls are extremely plentiful. He attends this school for only one purpose: to create a harem! But far from achieving that goal, he is berated as a pervert, and his initial objective becomes nothing more than a grandiose delusion. But then, after a strange turn of events, Issei makes his first girlfriend, and goes on his first date! In the park at sunset, she draws up close. Will it be his first kiss? Perhaps something even more? As Issei’s head runs wild with romantic fantasy, she smiles and asks him, “Would you die for me?” Without warning, he is killed by the first girlfriend he ever had! But why?! No sooner does he wonder this, than he wakes up in his own bedroom. He then discovers a beautiful redheaded girl, Rias Gremory, a year ahead of him at school, lying naked (and busty) next to him! But wasn’t he killed? Why is Rias here? And why is she naked? Hey, Rias, he can see your boobs! “You’re free to look at them, if you want to.” You mean it? Rias explains things to Issei–how there are devils that exists in this world, how Rias herself is one of them, and how Issei was reborn as a devil in order to bring him back to life. What’s more, as a trade-off, Issei is now Rias’ servant, and must follow her for eternity. Issei is left befuddled by the absurdity of this surprising revelation. Him, a servant devil? A servant to Rias? Does this mean might get to fondle her breasts? With his innate porno power and positive thinking, Issei accepts his life as Rias’ servant devil. The reborn Issei’s academic life as a devil and servant gets underway! Will he ever be able to create his harem of boobs?


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