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‘Dream Eater Merry’ English Language Anime Cast Revealed

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A very fun Guessing Game was run over the last couple of weeks and the final results have been revealed after all the guessing has been done. Dream Eater Merry is coming from Sentai Filmworks on March 27th and it’s getting both a DVD and Blu-ray release and obviously a bilingual release. The series dub is being directed by Janice Williams based on the ADR scripts done by Christopher Ayres and Clint Bickham. Check out the plot concept below and the breakdown of the characters and which voice actors will be taking them on!

Plot concept: Sometimes daydreaming can get you into trouble, but what do you do when it’s other people’s dreams that you have to watch out for? Yumeji Fujiwara has the unique ability to predict what kind of dreams other people will have. But lately, his own dreams have taken a bizarre turn in which he’s being pursued by armies of cats. Stranger yet, Yumeji learns that the leader of the dream cats needs his body to access the Real World. And finally, the strange becomes downright weird when a cute girl suddenly drops on top of him and announces that she’s a Dream Demon looking for a way back to the Dream World!

Yumeji Fujiwara – Voiced by Blake Shepard – Yumeji is quite a typical high school aged boy except for one thing: He has the ability to predict peoples’ dreams from their aura. Very strong-willed, almost stubborn, he is always ready to help those who need it. He is also a member of a Literary Club at his high school, and is a big fan of the superhero called Griccho. He lives with the Tachibanas above their café.

Isana Tachibana – Voiced by Brittney Karbowski – Yumeji’s childhood friend. Perky and outgoing, almost as strong-willed and stubborn as Yumeji. Once she decides to be friends with Chizuru, she won’t take no for an answer.

Yui Konagi – Voiced by Luci Christian – A high-school aged girl whom Yumeji meets in a supermarket. She has a strong interest in collecting dolls and keychains, particularly unique looking ones. She is always determined to help others however she can.

Chizuru – Voiced by Melissa Davis – a new transfer student at the school. A loner, she finds herself liking Isana despite herself.

Mr. Iijima – Voiced by Vic Mignogna – a teacher at the school, the Literary Club advisor. Friendly and helpful. Always eating.

Mei Hoshino – Voiced by Emily Neves – A friend of Yumeji, and captain of the Literary Club. A kind and soft-spoken girl with green hair and glasses.

Takateru Akiyanagi – Voiced by Chris Patton – A friend of Yumeji, and member of the Literary Club. He loves writing haiku and is often seen with a pen and a piece of paper to write on it.

Saki Kirishima – Voiced by Shelley Calene-Black – Another friend of Yumeji, and member of the Literary Club. Quite tomboyish, she’s fascinated by Yumeji’s ability to see the aura of dreams.

Nao – Voiced by Maggie Flecknoe – Yui’s best friend who is in the band with her. She often sticks by Yui and knows her habits inside and out.

Old Man Tachibana – Voiced by Andrew Love – Isana’s father who runs the Tachibana family restaurant, which is also home to both Yumeji and, more recently, Merry. He’s not really all that old…

Old Doctor – Voiced by Rob Mungle – Yui’s grandfather. He runs a local clinic, but seems to be a bit of a quack.

Griccho – Voiced by Rob Mungle – A TV superhero, battler of evil in all its forms. He also does daily horoscopes. Yumeji is a big fan and watches his program every day.

Yumi – Voiced by Bree Welch – a student at the school, her dream is to become a nurse.

Minato – Voiced by Serena Varghese – a young, friendless girl that Merry & Yumeji meet on a playground. Very good at “Kick-the-Can”.

Masaru – Voiced by Clint Bickham – a young boy who idolizes Griccho, and wants to grow up to become a hero just like him.


Merry Nightmare – Voiced by Hilary Haag – A Dream Demon from the Dream World. She doesn’t remember how she got to the Real World and has been searching for a way back to the Dream World. Though she can’t get back to the Dream World herself, she appears to be capable of sending other Dream Demons back through a judicious application of force. She teams up with Yumeji to help defeat the increasing number of Dream Demons invading the Real World. She LOVES doughnuts.

Engi Threepiece – Voiced by Shannon Emerick – Engi is searching for another Dream Demon named Pharos Heracles, who she believes is responsible for her sister Patti’s death. Stern, unyielding and with a definite sense of right and wrong. Her daydream world is a “garden” of waving wheat interspersed with large rocks.

Misteltien – Voiced by Monica Rial – A power-hungry Dream Demon. She is extremely strong and delights in destroying other Dream Demons. A sometimes ally, sometimes rival of Heracles. Her daydream world is a bizarre fantasy landscape of plants, pools and rivers.

John Doe – Voiced by Chris Ayres – A Dream Demon whose daydream Yumeji frequents in his dreams. Leader of an army of cats. He seems to know a lot about both Pharos Heracles and Misteltien. For reasons of his own, he shards some of this information with Yumeji. John Doe’s daydream world resembles an abandoned waterfront district.

Maze Landsbourough – Voiced by Greg Ayres – A clown-like Dream Demon in service of Heracles. Full of tricks and puns. His daydream world is a huge circus-like maze.

Leon – Voiced by Jay Hickman – A Dream Demon who, together with his friends, stood up to Misteltien in the past. All his friends were destroyed by Misteltien, and now he lives for revenge. Brooding and quiet. His daydream world appears to be an underground chamber in a sewer.

Pharos Heracles – Voiced by David Matranga – A Dream Demon who looks like a knight wearing armor and a helmet. He is greatly feared by most of the other Dream Demons. His ambition is to conquer the Real World by replacing humans with Dream Demons.

Patti – Voiced by Bree Welch – Engi’s sister. She followed a beckoning light to the Real World and has not been seen since. Presumed dead.

Serio – Voiced by Tiffany Grant – a mall, elf-like Dream Demon of indeterminate sex.

Ichima – Voiced by Maggie Flecknoe – a vain, self-centered Dream Demon trying to get to the Real World by any means necessary.

Chris – Voiced by Illich Guradiola – a soft-spoken, elegant Dream Demon. His encounter with Merry and Yumeji provides the first clues that all may not be as it seems.

Deruga – Voiced by Leraldo Anzuldua – a strong, heroic Dream Demon. He hates to see anyone picking on those smaller or weaker than themselves.

Parate – Voiced by Serena Varghese – a small, very quiet Dream Demon. Shy and rather afraid of all other Dream Demons.