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‘Steins; Gate’ Visual Novel Being Sought For North American Release

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If there’s one thing we really, really like, it’s Steins; Gate news since the fans are just so into it. According to a new piece at Crunchyroll via Siliconera, JAST USA president Peter Payne has confirmed that they are in talks with  Nitro+ and 5pb regarding localized English release for the game.

 “In order to make a title like Steins;Gate be really successful, we need the support of major download software distribution platforms such as Steam; something that’s been lacking when it comes to these titles so far (not surprisingly, as most have been 18+ titles, unlike Steins;Gate).”

Nitro+ does make things difficult when it comes to acquiring their games as they have a very cautious attitude about it, which Payne goes on to talk about. “Nitroplus is a hugely successful company in Japan and are also a very cautious one. They would basically like us to publish a title, wait two years to see how the sales are, then decide the next title to publish.” Adding, “This is too slow for us and for our customers, so we’re pushing them to let us release more games, several of which we’ve announced and published in our 2011-2012 game catalogue.”

JAST USA has two games from the company due out this year with Saya no Uta and Hanachirasu.

[Source: Crunchyroll]

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