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Recorder And Randsell Episode #03 Anime Review

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Just what kind of guy does Atsumi like?

What They Say:
Atsumi and Sayo discuss their age and ideal man.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a focus more on Atsumi again, which is definitely better that Atsushi since things can get pretty creepy with him quickly, she gets to spend some quality time with her friend Sayo. It is refreshing to see that since they’ve been together for years that she can be friends with everyone in class as they’re used to her smaller stature, so it isn’t too creepy or played for strange and perverted laughs. But at the same time, it can still go to some odd routes. When the two are having lunch together in the classroom, all the guys listen in as they want to her about what kinds of guys that Atsushi likes. The note comparing is cute since it goes to extremes on both counts, with Sayo wanting someone impossibly tall while all Atsushi wants is someone who isn’t shorter than her, which is an easy feet. Sayo’s vision is comical though as she imagines her prince on the white horse. Headless, of course…

In Summary:
While Atsumi gets a brief nod here, it’s another episode focused heavily on Atsushi and that definitely plays better since just too much of what they can put him through strikes me as wrong in so many ways. Which, of course, is part of the point. He gets a token appearance here as the focus is more on Atsushi and Sayo and the two are definitely fun together. There is something to be said about the difficulties that Atsushi can have in finding a guy because of her size, but considering the way anime portrays guys in what they want, the anime version of her should be dealing with a huge buffet to choose from if you go by those implications. Thankfully, I suspect we won’t see any real movement in this area.

Grade: C

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