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FUNimation Gets Anime Onto Crackle Service

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With the recent Animax news in relation to the Crackle service that Sony Entertainment runs out  FUNimation has sent out a new press release that they’re getting their material showing on the service as well. The creation of the FUNimation Collection isn’t a surprise as FUNimation has worked extensively over the last couple of years to ensure that their material is on as many legal streaming services as possible. Crackle is part of a growing push by several companies to get streaming material out there. No word on how these episodes will figure into Crackle’s planned Xbox 360 app due out later this year in whether they’ll be available on them or not since that’s a whole other ballgame when it comes to license rights.

The shows listed on their page at the moment include:

  1. Initial D
  2. Murder Princess
  3. Slayers
  4. xxxholic
  5. Negima 2
  6. Big Windup!
  7. School Rumble
  8. Vexille

FLOWER MOUND, TX – JANUARY 18, 2012 – FUNimation Entertainment has announced today that has successfully launched the FUNimation Collection powered by Animax, a new anime-centric streaming section on their network. Offering an extensive collection of anime content with curated updates, the FUNimation Collection on Crackle will ensure access to free streaming anime available via the Crackle site as well as on tablets, mobile and OTT devices.

While the FUNimation Collection is evolving, new FUNimation episodes and/or series will launch every Wednesday on Crackle. Additional information about the FUNimation collection on Crackle can be found at:

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