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Wagnaria!! Season 2 Episode #12 Anime Review

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Well, now we know why “getting the stuffing knocked out of you” can be as dangerous as it sounds.

What They Say:
“Daisy Dies”

Inami’s setting a new record for time without punching a guy! She hopes to get over her dislike of guys, and with Taneshima and Yamada works out a training program. But it comes at a great cost…

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Inami is trying her hardest to not punch guys, and the gang at work is trying their best to help her. Of course, the initial plan doesn’t exactly work. But Takanashi comes up with a plan that is more workable: he and Mahiru will exchange text messages. Kittens ensue.

Still, this is Working, so this is not the only story this time around. We also get to see the trials and travails of Yamada, who lives alone in the restaurant, but happens to get locked out. Sato, however, comes to her rescue. The next day, though, we go back to trying to fix Inami’s problem. Of course, doing so requires sacrifice, and it will be Yamada who has to pay the price.

As we are coming to the end of the season, it must be time to at least make some weak moves towards providing growth, development, and change. And so we get that, well, as close as you’re going to come to it with this show. A tiny baby step towards being less androphobic is taken by Inami, as she is able to send text messages to Sota without destroying her phone. It’s not really much, but at least it’s something.

In Summary:
We continue with the continuing attempt to cure Inami of her androphobia. This time, however, a member of the restaurant family must be sacrificed. Hopefully her sacrifice will not be in vain over the long term. As for the humor, there are moments of it, but if Mahiru doesn’t improve at some point, it will be another thing sacrificed on the altar of her neurosis.

Grade: B

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