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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode #23 Anime Review

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Truths come out at last and things are made clear between several of the men.

What They Say:
Love makes the world go round.

The Review:
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With Yokozawa having said a few key things to Onodera about his quasi-relationship with Takano, it left things in a bad state when Takano actually arrived on the scene and Onodera kind of went off on it. It’s a natural thing since Onodera doesn’t want to hurt him to be sure, but he’s also feeling very confused, conflicted and hurt himself by the way things have gone. So lashing out like he did and stating that all he wants to do is to just focus on his job is a pretty natural reaction, one that cuts a bit hard for Takano though. But he’s not an oblivious guy and he knows that it has to have come from somewhere, and that somewhere must be Yokozawa himself. With the kind of relationship the two have had over the years, there’s issues to be had there and Yokozawa’s position is understandable, but it’s one that’s causing a lot of the grief that’s hitting at the moment.

Having their own little spat, as much as it could be called that, was definitely a welcome moment since it makes things clear between the two of them at long last. There hasn’t exactly been a big glimmering of hope from Yokozawa’s side, more just a whole lot of concern for someone very special and close to him, but having Takano make things clear to him with such firmness is definitely a long time in coming. And having that in his mindset now, going back to work, is almost amusing to see how he handles it since it would be the way most of us would if forced to deal with work again so directly after having that kind of conversation. While Yokozawa hasn’t been a favorite of mine in the series, I definitely appreciated his contributions and problems he brought to the table and to see how things settle out with him at this point with Takano.

When the show gets back to having Onodera and Takano actually talk things out, it gets down to some of the meat of things with how their relationship was back in high school and the way that Onodera had done things which caused some concern for Takano over time, and explains why he had a hard time remembering who he was at first. It’s the perfect kind of light moment that’s needed to ease some of the tension and drama from the room so to speak since things had gotten as intense as they were. And it’s simply fun to see Takano acting out in a big way, comically and intentionally so, to help defuse things a bit. Watching the evolution of their relationship within this episode may seem like things are moving fast, but you have to appreciate the buildup that has come before and seeing some release, and that means more than just the tension that had been building.

In Summary:
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi covers a whole lot of ground in this episode between the three characters it plays with, giving some results for both of them in different directions. With Takano and Onodera being my favorite of the cast overall, I’ve definitely been enjoying this arc as it’s taking care of business that’s been mingling throughout the whole run and giving it some closure and room to move forward. Both of these characters are a whole lot of fun and we get some good resolutions regarding problems that they’ve had from the start and a look at what’s defined their pasts to make them who they are at the moment. While they are mostly archetypes of the genre, they’re fun and well done and left me wanting to see even more of their relationship progress over time. With one more episode to go, a little more of them and others at this stage will cap off the series pefectly.

Grade: A-

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