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Un-Go Episode #10 Anime Review

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Shinjurou’s facing his toughest challenge yet as new revelations are made.

What They Say:
Inga has disappeared, but Shinjurou continues to search for the truth alone. While investigating the TV station bombing, Shinjurou, who suspects that Kaishou used Bettenou to do it, devises a plan to uncover the truth.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the back and forth from the previous episode involving Kaishou being accused of things and the mystery in full play, Shinjurou is hard at work getting the mystery solved, if he can solve the mystery of getting his tie straight first. With Inga missing at the moment and not working with him, he’s as on his own as he usually is but gets plenty of places to get some feedback and more while going about things. There’s some decent information coming down the pike as well about events that have unfolded since we have the whole courtroom element playing out as well, complete with Kaishou appearing via video while in his hospital bed. It’s all very dramatic and TV-fied in a way that makes you chuckle a little over the theatrics of it all.

Like any good court case, there are all sorts of twists and turns along the way about what’s been going on. When Inga is called in as a part of the process, she’s able to deal with things in a way others can’t because of how she can force a truth out of someone through her abilities. It’s the kind of thing that certainly has its appeal in getting to the truth, but there are so many variations and beliefs about what is true that it’s hard to imagine anything reliable like this. But as a visual trick and more courtroom theatrics, it’s a fantastic moment as she saunters in with her full female form and begins to reveal so much about Kaishou’s plans and what’s been going on, turning a huge amount of political embarrassment out into public view.

In Summary:
The twists and turns along the way are pretty fun with what comes from Izumi’s forced blathering and the way that Kaishou ends up dealing with it. Unlike a lot of the previous episodes, this one feels more like a John Grisham story than anything else since it does a bit more footwork and detective work to unearth the truth as Shinjurou is even more on the outside this time around than normal. Of course, with the structure of this storyline being the one for the series finale, there’s only the ramping up of tensions and threats this time around as everything will be made clear in the next and final episode. As the middle part of the three part story, this one actually works pretty well, so long as you don’t really care about the core story itself or the characters. Instead, just enjoy the basic movement of it all, the technical excellence of the animation and the way that even though you may not care a whit about anyone in it, you can still get behind the excitement that comes as the mysteries start to unravel.

Grade: C

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