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Hatsune Miku Gets Big Chrome Push

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While commercials aren’t something I sample a whole lot, being a big DVR fan and watching more stuff on disc than anything else, I do enjoy well done commercials. One of the campaigns of the past year that has consistently gotten me to rewind and check out is what Google has done to promote its Chrome broswer as they’ve found the right balance of modern and hip without being annoying or too dramatic and emotional in the things that it brings out to play. But, we’re in the US market so we haven’t seen too muhc of what hits around the rest of the world and resonates there for stories that the ads tell.

The latest one to land is Japan centric with a look at Hatsune Miku being brought into play through a wide range of creative and business people that make it happen. it’s a pretty slick piece that also makes note of the inroads that the virtual singer has made in the US market in 2011.

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