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Un-Go Episode #05 Anime Review

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The past continues to haunt many in this near-future Japan as they honor or hide what has happened.

What They Say:
During the war, three students bravely volunteered to prevent a terrorist bombing . After the war, it became taboo to speak of their actions, but the unveiling of a bronze statue is held to praise the three young heroes. The sponsor is Hakurou Shimada, the leader of the gRising Sun Partyh, a political organization the three students had been involved in. But then, during the ceremony, two corpses are discovered inside a hidden cavity in the statue. Shinjurou had been invited to the unveiling, so with two murder victims right in front of him, he gets caught up in the puzzling case.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With Un-Go coming off as a bit uneven since its start, I keep going into it hoping for an episode that will click better than the rest. This one starts off with a bit of material that I do find interesting as it focuses on the past, as we’re shown a small ceremony dedicated to three young men that saved many lives back when events were spiraling out of control, including the now leader of the Rising Sun party that holds some sway. The flashback shows their quiet and noble sacrifice that saved many people from death and scarring, but for some reason it was an even that was pushed out of the realm of discourse for quite some time now until Shimada decided to present bronze statue dedicated to the young men on display.

Shinjuro has some skin in this game as he’s seemingly aware of what went on in the past to some degree, which is made all the more problematic when Shimada confronts him about his name as a bumbling detective that doesn’t get to solve any cases. While events have drawn him to this though an invitation from Shimada, it turns out it may have just been a dare of sorts in regards to the accusations by a competitor of Shimada’s that claims he’s funneled out money, bribes and bricks of gold as well. Even Shimada’s son Jirou has some belief that this may be true, as the darker side of the series comes into play and the statues contain more than anyone expected.

Like past episodes, we get an introduction of a few supporting characters and that of Jirou and his girlfriend sculptor who made the statue are certainly interesting. Jirou especially as he even talks about not quite believing his fathers’ tale is as true as he makes it out to be. When the reveal comes that he did a little work in trying to find the gold bricks himself, it just raises the tensions, but it’s the accusations against Shinjurou that sticks the most as he’s defamed even more here, which causes him to look inward and walk away from events until Kazamori, back in his form, takes him to task. Kazamori continues to be the interesting element in the show with what he can bring to the table, but there’s still that feeling that he’s little more than yet another character that gives Shinjurou grief just like all the others.

In Summary:
Un-Go has some better moments in this episode and the story and its mystery are a bit more interesting than what we’ve seen before, even with the Kazamori subplot. With an interesting past to the show, it’s something that I wish would be explored more, but it’s not meant to be a central point. It’s the ambience of the moment and that’s it, which is both good and bad. It has potential but it can feel wasted, especially if the core of the episode itself just doesn’t feel all that exciting. Strangely enough, I still find my favorite part of the show to be the final minute or two of it once the ending music hits as it’s just thoroughly engrossing, as is the ending sequence itself. It has a certain sense about it that I wish was in more of the episode and that things were simply a bit more defined in a compelling way.

Grade: C

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