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‘Godzilla’ Gets New Screenwriter

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It’s hard to believe that the last time Godzilla was made in Hollywood, at least in big picture form, was in 1998 with the failed effort by Roland Emmerich. The new production is slowly moving along, but it is moving as the script has gained a new screenwriter to work on it. Previously, under director Gareth Edwards, it was penned by David S. Goyer of The Dark Knight Rises and Superman: Man Of Steel fame but now it looks like the studio has brought in Max Borenstein to work on it. Borenstein doesn’t have a lot of credits to his name and it seems like very much on the outside of things with only one film he wrote and directed in 2003 that was super limited in release. He has gotten some potentially higher profile work recently though by working on the script for The Seventh Son, which will feature Jeff Bridges Julianne Moore and that could gain him a bit more recognition if it does well. Godzilla still doesn’t have a date beyond a planned 2014 release, so we’ll likely be hearing even more about it for awhile yet to come.

[Source: Latino Review]

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