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‘Welcome To The Space Show’ Gets Dub Director

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Manga Entertainment UK tweeted an update today regarding their planned December 5th release of Welcome to the Space Show by saying that it’s being pushed back to July 2nd, 2012 in order to spend more time on the dub. It was announced earlier that they had brought in NYAV Post to handle the dubbing of it, the first dub to be co-produced by Manga Entertainment UK with a US dub studio, and they added today that Michael Sinterniklaas was taking on the directing role for the dub.

#WelcomeToTheSpaceShow has been bumped back to 2nd July so we can spend more time on the dub. It’s going to be epic. Soz!

Plot concept: Five children save the life of a dog-like alien while at a self-run summer camp. He attempts to reward them by taking them to an alien colony on the Moon. Events take a turn for the worse when his report on that attack that injured him causes passage from the Moon to the Earth to be banned, and children are stranded in space. The children need to find a way back home before camp ends and their parents discover that they are missing. They also have to avoid the poachers that injured their alien friend, and now seem to be stalking them all.

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