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Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls Episode #02 Anime Review

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After an episode focused entirely on a fight, this one spends it searching for a strange looking dog. Say what?

What They Say:
I’ve got a secret job from the Kawakami Academy’s hidden organization! Let’s go, Mayuchi! It’s time for the Kazuma Family to roll out! I’ll bring down the hammer of justice on those who’d peek in on girls changing, or having fun in the bath! We can’t let them get away with this! I’ll bring them to justice!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the opening episode of Majikoi Oh! being all about the action as it was one long, extended fight sequence as part of the Kawakami match that students can invoke, I came away from it appreciating the technical aspects of it as it was a really well animated piece with some great fluidity, action and choreography. The characters weren’t even paper thin for the most part as we got names briefly before being thrown to another side, another character and another action. It was the kind of setup episode that was all about style over substance, but for an opening episode it can certainly entice you to come back for another helping to see if they start filling the empty part of it with something more. The potential for that with what we saw in the first episode is definitely intriguing.

Considering how much of the budget must have went into the first episode, it’s not a surprise that things slow down here to a lot of dialogue scenes. But it’s a necessity in order for us to know the characters a bit more as we see several of them hanging out together just talking about things, including a fair bit of time spent on lunch box meals. Which in turn has a bunch of the kids sent out on a mission together where they have to hunt down a dog that’s gone missing that is utterly adorable. It turns into one of those kinds of awkward situations where one of the kids is intent on “taking it down” to get the bounty since it didn’t say alive only while the others are trying to succeed without killing the pooch.

What becomes apparent quickly with the second episode though is that there isn’t likely to be much of a mainline plot throughout the series. It’s easy to see that there may be something building up as it progresses, but large parts of the show are going to be like this where it’s a matter of been there, done that as we see the various pursuits of the pooch and the situations said pooch walks in on. When the dog ends up in the hot spring with a bunch of the girls, we get the cute censoring (I prefer this over the whiteout or heavy fog) but it’s just another way to get everyone moving again. The little bits that sneak their way in about something bigger but it’s hard to really latch onto that here because so much of this has felt superficial to say the least.

In Summary:
After a visually strong episode that was light on details, Majikoi Oh! ends up going for a less busy episode that’s still as light on the details. Because of the cast, the only name that’s really easy to latch onto is that of the male lead here with Yamato. It’s only the second episode so there isn’t a lot done here besides some silly side plot to move everyone around, but the lrage number of girls he hangs out with get little in the way of real face time in order to know who they are. While I’m not a fan of shows that introduce one girl per episode, there is some truth to the fact that you are able to know them better that way. With this episode, everything still feels empty but there is some silly fun to be had with it even if it does come across as meaningless. It’s certainly not a show that will tax the brain but it has its moments of fun while trying to sneak in a few big picture moments as well. It’s easy to see people jumping off the show after this episode.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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