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Young Justice – Revelation Review

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Everything goes big as the world is threatened and all the heroes have to come together to defeat it.

What They Say:
The team takes on the Injustice League.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the team having finally started coming together in the previous episode, there was a lot to like in dealing with some but not all of the tension that’s been building up throughout it. With this episode, we get it laid out clear exactly what’s been going on to some degree as the various events that they’ve dealt with when it comes to the variety of villains. It’s not an infodump, but it’s Batman and the others talking it out in the space of a minute or two with how it all comes together when the Justice League itself is dealing with a massive plant creature that’s attacking Metropolis. And because of all the encounters so far, the group behind much of it reveals themselves as an Injustice League involving a lot of heavy hitters on the bad guy side to good effect.

While the Justice League themselves will handle the plan creatures as they attack worldwide, the Young Justice crew get to do their covert thing by heading down to the Louisana bayou in order to take on the control center operations that’s been discovered there. This lets us see some solid big name action with the Justice League themselves going at the creatures, the fallout from it and the fun of how the Injustice League have fun causing so much destruction. While the Young Justice team is key here of course, they’re a part of the whole rather than the whole itself, so it’s great to see the name players of the Justice League being active and playing important roles and taking up as much time as they do.

The covert side is pretty well done as well, though going up against the heavy hitters that they are dealing with does take down the group fairly easily at times as should be expected. This goes back to the thing where even though they’re heroes, they don’t always save the day or at least have some significant setbacks at times in their missions. But it’s the culmination of events overall in the series as we see the team finally putting things together, even when key members are taken out, as you root for them in what they can accomplish and as the others come back into play. They’ve got some really good moves as a team but they’re still in that area where they have a whole lot of room to grow as well.

In Summary:
Plans within plans is what Young Justice has been about and this episode makes it even clearer, which is good. With a large storyline at play here, I love the way it teases out various bits of information along the way and keeps expanding on it by bringing more characters. This is a very, very good midseason big boss fight episode where it brings us both the Justice League getting their action on while the cover team really works together well. The characters are solid, the pacing is excellent and everything hits all the right notes even though they try to wrap things up within this episode. The only downside is the characterization for the Joker, which feels off compared to other versions but didn’t leave me angry or upset about it. Just curious more than anything else and I have to like that they do try to change up some of the characters. There’s simply a ton of things going on in this episode and a lot of characters involved and the whole thing just left me happy and eager for more.

Grade: A-

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