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You And Me Episode #03 Anime Review

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Just when Yuki thinks things have calmed down again, in comes someone from his past. Maybe.

What They Say:
A transfer student arrives in Yuki and Kaname’s class. The blond boy’s name is “Tachibana Chizuru.” The cheerful Chizuru approaches Yuki and suddenly announces they once played together in their childhood. While Yuki typically ignores others, Chizuru’s strange introduction has Yuki running to Yuta’s class during his break. Is Chizuru telling the truth?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The introduction of Masaki in the previous episode was one that could certainly change up the dynamic a little bit, though mostly it just annoys Shun’s friends. When he brings her to the rooftop for their break, it generally just causes trouble and annoyance for the others and having her get all red faced and run off, leaving them even more uncertain about her. But she’s just the first of a few changes in store for these young men. Nothing throws off the delicate balance and dynamic of a group than introducing new people. Masaki’s personality makes her an easy one to change things up, but the arrival of a transfer student does it even more.

Chizuru Tachibana definitely is the type that doesn’t fit in with the four main characters that we know. With his blonde hair, short cute and very bright blue eyes, he stands out hugely in this class. But it’s also his very outgoing personality and sense of expression that sets him apart. When he sits next to Yuki after introductions, he quickly recognizes him and goes over the top with it in a comical but cute way. Chizuru thinks he’s a childhood friend and latches onto him in a big way and then proceeds to basically diss everyone else, including Kaname as he just changes his name to Glasses. Yuki’s laid back nature doesn’t make it easy for Chizuru to reconnect with him though and it becomes Chizuru’s mission to get things back on track. Of course, whether Yuki is who Chizuru thinks he is becomes the subplot of the episode.

The show does give us the reveal, which is welcome after a bit because seeing Yuki when he’s a kid is adorable and adding in Chizuru at that age, seeing him in his formative years, is just as adorable. Each of them have a different approach to things, though you do see Yuki smiling a good deal during all of this. There is some confusion to be thrown into the mix, as can be expected when it comes to twins and the way most people generally can’t tell them apart, and it makes for a cute sequence even cuter when you get down to it. While things are a bit more maturely viewed at in the present about the situation, it’s still the great kind of little work that lets us see into Yuki’s mind a bit more and helps to make him a bit more accessible.

In Summary:
You and Me continues to be a very fun little show, though it’s one that definitely goes at its own pace and isn’t something that will draw in a lot of people overall. The story of some young men in high school with relaxed attitudes and just going with the flow deals with the addition of a good sized rock in the middle of the stream while slowly making it one of their own as well. With another round of focus on Yuki, I can’t find myself complaining much since I like him and definitely need a break after the Shun and Masaki episode the last time around. Chizuru definitely will bring something different to the group which has now grown once again in unexpected ways.

Grade: B

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