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Viz Media Adds ‘Loveless’ Manga & More To 2012

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Viz Media has made some new manga and novel announcements at the New York Anime Festival this weekend. The first and most notable one for North American fans is that they’ve acquired the rights to the ninth and tenth volumes of the series Loveless¬†from Yun Kouga. The series, which spawned an anime series released by Media Blasters, was released previously by TOKYOPOP who put out eight volumes before closing down. Viz Media is making it clear they’re picking up the unreleased volumes, nine and ten, and have not made a move to grab the older volumes as of yet. Suffice to say, if sales go well on them, they’d like get those and trade dress them the same way. The series is ongoing in Japan but is a monthly book so it has some time before more hits.

In addition to that, they’ve acquired the series Jiu Jiu from Toya Tobina. The series, which moved to Hana to Yume publication in 2010, has the first volume set for a July 2012 release and the second for October 2012.

Rounding out their announcements, they’ve acquired the science fiction novel MM9, which stands for Monster Magnitude, written by Hiroshi Yamamoto. The novel is set for ebook and print release on January 17th, 2012 with a $14.99 price point.