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You And Me Episode #02 Anime Review

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The series turns its focus on Shun this time as we get to know the curious young man.

What They Say:
A young girl with a scraped knee suddenly appears before Shun. He tries to give her a flowery band-aid, but she runs away. Despite his shock, Shun chases after her and manages to give her a band-aid, but starting the next day, she begins harassing him…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After an opening episode that introduced us to the core cast in a fun way, we left that episode feeling generally positive about the show for a number of reasons. While we don’t know the cast that well yet, they all came across well as they helped one to try and find a club activity and we were treated to some very good animation and designs that fits the school based setting well and the kind of atmosphere it wants to have. The beginning of this episode points all of this out again as we have Shun chasing down a girl that hurt herself in order to give her a bandaid. It’s not filled with big music, wacky incidents or anything else. It simply happens with just the dialogue and the act itself, keeping it low key and drawing you in to what they’re doing rather than being caught up in the larger atmosphere it would create through big music.

Shun’s encounter with this first year girl leads to a number of incidents that occur because of it simply because she’s latched onto him. And that causes the others to get wrapped up in it too in simple ways. It’s not a harmful thing or anything, like she’s playing serious pranks, but she’s doing what she can to get attention from them while trying to deal with being in this new school environment. Chizuru is a cute kid overall but very much an “I can do it myself” type that struggles with how she is. There’s one sports related incident that comes up where after she falls, she pushes away anyone that tries to help. But when they leave, she cries over it. Everyone will come to a different reason why, but it’s like she’s frustrated with herself that she acts that way.

Shun is quite interested in her as he watches all of this unfold because there’s incidents in his past that has him feeling sympathetic towards her. All of it is wrapped up in a secondary story involving tulips that the four of them have dealt in and it’s a nice, relaxed thing that plays out here. But it has a bit of tension as well as Chizuru takes things a bit too far and that leads Shun to “lose his cool” as it were, which is pretty surprising for him and his personality. But it’s the kind of breakthrough that both he and Chizuru need in order to get past what she’s doing and to understand how she’s being perceived, but also for Shun to really understand what it is that’s driving her. It’s simple, but effective, in dealing with a personality like hers and letting him try and connect with her.

In Summary:
You and Me serves up an episode that is very much like the first but it’s a bit more narrowly focused. Whereas the first was spent dealing with Yuki as his three friends helped out, this one lets just Shun take most of the screen time while the others have a much smaller role overall. And it works surprisingly well as Shun is the kind of really good guy that you want to know more about, to see what makes him tick. Similar to Yuki, he has a distinct personality that’s soft and reserved in its own way and that makes getting underneath his skin a little harder to do. But there’s some good stuff to him here and we get to see him interacting with people outside of the group and that is well played by also showing how the group dealt with each other when they were much younger. It’s good fun overall, but it’s not hit a point where you look at it as and say that it’s a must watch show. But for those that love these kinds of show, it’s hitting all the right marks here.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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