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You And Me Episode #01 Anime Review

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Four life long friends enter their seventeenth spring and try to explore new parts of their high school lives.

What They Say:
A beautiful spring. As usual, new Homare High School second years Shuta, Yuki, Kaname and Shun head to school under the sakura in full bloom. Kaname sets out to fill the gaps of his classmate Yuki’s high school experience by forcing him to join a club.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Based on the manga of the same name from Kiichi Hotta which began back in 2004 and is still going on, but with only nine volumes so far after running in Gangan Powered and Monthly Gfantasy,You and Me is the latest from JC Staff that certainly has its appeal as it focuses on an all male cast that’s set to be split into two thirteen episode seasons. Few shows get announced with having two seasons right off th ebat and that has to make one take a little more notice of it. The series is fairly straightforward at the start in that it follows a group of friends in their high school days after they’ve basically grown up together for all their lives.

The group has a pretty good dynamic about it, especially as it has a pair of brothers named Yuta and Yuki that have a fairly laid back approach to them. Shun is a bit effeminate in a way, but not in a way that has you rolling your eyes. It’s more through his design than anything else really. And delaing with all of this is Kaname, the serious type with glasses who feels at times that he gets roped into things because of the others laid back attitudes and nature, which they don’t really know what to make of because of how they are. There’s a cute little flashback story that shows how they were at a much younger age and how Kaname manages to get the teacher to sleep with him, completely innocent of course, which made things difficult for Shun.

A good part of the episode focuses on Yuki as others try to get him into doing some after school sports activities rather than just being a part of the always popular Going Home club. What’s amusing is that Yuki is just so laid back yet so good at it that the disparity makes for a lot of fun. It’s not that he’s tired, but he has that kind of aura about him. When it shifts to non-sports activities, the same kind of fun is still there with how he reacts to things as he’s just one of those kids that is seemingly able to do anything. And that in turn just frustrates the others, though it gets to Kaname more than anyone else which is even better since he’s so expressive about things.

In Summary:
You and Me is the kind of series that definitely has the potential for bringing out a cast of characters that you can really care about. The opening episode does most of the basic setup and lets us see who they are in a sort of top level view, but it does it without all the hoopla and hyperexcitement that often comes from these kinds of shows. The overly relaxed atmosphere can work against it at times, making it seem more drawn out, but there’s a lot of appeal in seeing how this group of friends operates in their seventeenth year while in high school. While we do get some little bits about each of the kids, it focuses more on one of the twins at this point with Yuki and that actually works better than I thought it would. You and Me is a very laid back but well designed show with great looking character designs and some very fun scenes that lets the animation shine well. It can go a lot of ways and the opening episode, while not a huge expressive work, is enough to make me want to come back and see more.

Grade: B

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