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Squid Girl Season 2 Episode #02 Anime Review

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A Squid Girl’s life is always busy and full of challenges!

What They Say:
Squid Girl attends elemetary school with Takeru. When the teacher runs, she attempts to take over! Eiko decides there aren’t enough female customers. She and Chizuru decide what’s needed is a hot guy. Squid Girl learns Sanae is dieting to lose some weight. Clueless as to what a diet is, they decide to weigh her…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Squid Girl is the kind of character who even when she’s basically a one-note work can really be a lot of fun. Part of my fear with the first season was that it’d get old after awhile but they had some keen moments throughout it that kept it fresh, fun and sometimes rather unpredictable. What gets me about the character is that even as she does settle into a life on land, she hasn’t forgotten what she’s really after in trying to take over the world with her invasion. So when the opportunity presents itself for her to talk to a bunch of younger kids, she leaps at the chance to convert some fresh and impressionable minds to her side. Of course, as much as she wins them over, she’s easily distracted and playing some soccer has her getting completely into that to show up some boys. Naturally, her versions of the rules aren’t exactly the same.

The other aspect of the show that I like which isn’t overused, all things considered, is relaated to the shop itself. It’s an area rife for fun and they do have some this time around as it’s decided they need more female customers, which leads to hiring Nagisa for awhile. He’s got the looks to draw in a whole lot of customers even if he doesn’t come across as the most outgoing of people. He’s not difficult or unfriendly or even shy, but he’s just terse and to the point. At the same time, they also get a fun addition with Ayumi who ends up sort of cosplaying the role a bit for the waitress by getting the maid costume out and being all maid-cafe service-like. The way she takes to the the role, while wearing spiked knuckles, makes her a real threat and even starts to upset Squid Girl as she finds herself being increasingly on the outs.

Squid Girl’s disconnect with human concepts is another area that’s still fun, such as when she learns that Sanae is on a diet and has no clue what that actually is. It’s explained well enough while keeping it simple and she ends up deciding to go along with it for Sanae to help her out. What’s amusing is that when they weigh her, she’s at a hundred killos whereas Chizuru is at like 45 kilos. Considering the height and general body type Squid Girl has, the question of where she packs it all is comical to say the least. It makes you wonder how much each of those tentacles weigh. But when she weighs herself later, it’s down to 30 kilos. The trick to it all is definitely hilarious and the kind of thing that completely frustrates those she lives with, especially as she’s oblivious to the reasons why.

In Summary:
The way that Squid Girl goes through her life is an endless series of amusements that the series captures just right. What helps to make it work is that the gags, like the first season, aren’t forced to carry an entire episode. We get three stories over the course of an episode and that lets it not drag it through the mud when it only works briefly. And some of the best gags can be like that but get lost when you draw it out. The three stories here hit relatively quickly, tell some fun stuff and then gets on to the next thing without any significant worries or problems. Few shows take this kind of approach anymore, which is unfortunate since a number of shows would benefit from more short form storytelling, and it’s one of the best things in Squid Girl’s arsenal. There’s plenty to like here and a lot of laughs to be had as Squid Girl continues to be true to form.

Grade: B

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