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Blood-C Episode #11 Anime Review

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And now the episode that makes those that stuck it out either feel justified or completely angry. Or justified in being angry.

What They Say:
A brand new “Blood” brought to you by the dream-team of Blood x CLAMP. The original animation “Blood-C” at last begins.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After ten episodes of the split personality that is Saya, we get the episode that explains things to a large degree by essentially saying they were trolling us all this time with a dream story arc. Well, not exactly but rather a storyline where none of it was what it seemed like and a dream in a way that complete screws with Saya’s head. With her teacher and the twins laughing at her, pushing her to remember the truth, Says realizes that nothing that she’s believed this past summer is actually real. While people died, most of them were just extras in this drama to try and get Saya to remember who she really is. The main cast, such as these girls and Tokizane, managed to survive even when thought to be dead.

And now they’re just plain tired of the act and are trying to shake her into realizing the truth of it all before they simply give up with it all. The hope is that forcing the blood of an Elder Bain down her throat, she’ll make that finally connection and start to remember things. And she does start to remember some things from her past that involves her being shot at by seeming SWAT style teams that shows us a very different version of her in that, horror of horrors, she doesn’t have on glasses and her hair isn’t tied up quite so nicely. This is a tiny segment though, but it’s the first real thing we see of her past considering that everything here is a fake. And even worse, as the twins, the teacher and Tokizane all go on about things, Saya says absolutel ynothing for pretty much the whole episode. And that lets the twins prattle on like crazy to the point where you want them to get killed.

In Summary:
While we start to get the truth about certain characters, it’s not hard not to care. Their true faces are revealed but it doesn’t matter since everything before has been a lie and what little is left isn’t going to have any great meaning. If this had happened halfway through the season, it might have worked differently by shifting into something else, but as many people note during the simulcast, the whole thing feels like we’ve been trolled by the creative team and you can come away angry, disappointed or just realize that you don’t care at all and walk away from it. You can trick the audience to varying degrees, but carrying it on this long with only a couple of episodes left just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Grade: D

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