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My Ordinary Life Episode #25 Anime Review

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Mio has enough energy to power a small city all on her own.

What They Say:
Misato and Sasahara get a little closer, Mio-chan goes for a run, and Nakamura-sensei enters the lair of the beast.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
One of the more unusual characters of the series that hasn’t been used that well is that of Sasahara. With his slightly more elegant look while still using his standard school uniform combined with his style of speech and voice in general, he definitely comes across as someone coming from money or a higher breeding background. It’s amusing to watch him because he comes across as refined. Pairing him with Misato here who actually breaks his glasses by accident, she helps him get around by walking arm in arm with him. She’s not thrilled with the idea, but she feels it’s necessary. And everyone is staring at them and the way they’re now apparently a couple. Her reactions here are quite good as she panics over the way it unfolds and the way the final if obvious gag is dealt with.

Where the show once again manages to seriously impress though is when it comes to Mio, who upon seeing this sudden and unexpected pairing, simply flips out. She goes on an absolute tear at that point and heads off out of the school with such energy that Yukko is barely able to keep up as the situation seemingly gets worse and worse. But it’s great seeing the variety of situations that they get involved in and the quick hit gags that are brought into play. It also has a callback to an earlier episode when the two girls ran into trouble with a police officer that gets itself resolved to good effect considering the actions Mio just performed. It’s good to see that such a cute bit from before has been brought back into play in such a fun way and dealt with.

One of the other really good segments here involves Nakamura who has worked up the courage to go to Nano’s home and to try and figure out if he can get the truth about things. Being the overactive imagination kind of guy that he is, he imagines all sorts of crazy scenarios right from the start, before even setting foot in past the gate, and it just goes downhill (comically) from there as he’s invited inside. Nano’s so oblivious in a way that she doesn’t quite get it and misinterprets everything along the way. When the Professor shows up, it gets even more surreal for Nakamura since she’s so up front about creating Nano. And poor Sakamoto, he’s in a bind at the moment and it just about blows up everything else for Nakamura. His imagination takes the surreal so much further while he tries to keep it calm is just priceless.

In Summary:
With the series close to ending here, they are to some surprise wrapping up certain parts of certain storylines and advancing things in just the right way. With a little callback and a long overdue encounter, My Ordinary Life offers up a whole lot of fun here. Mio’s wackiness here is a great reaction to seeing what Misato and Sasahara were up to and I absolutely loved the way that Nakamura handled dealing with seeing the imagined and real truths at Nano’s home. But the show also knows when to slow things down and sort of wrap us up in its basic charms of how these girls see the world and things around them. And the way it can go so absolutely bizarre on the turn of a dime. But it works, against all odds, and it continually makes me grin and smile throughout it.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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